Then and Now - Doncaster


I have used photos from my archive - many of which were taken long before I was born, and where possible returned to the same place, and spot to take another picture, so I can compare the differences over time.

First stop - Doncaster!

Looking North from Platform 3.I

In the 36 years between these two photos being taken, not that much has changed.

During 1980, Doncaster was undergoing upgrades, mainly with track layout and signalling.

At the time, the signalling was controlled from Mechanical and small Electrical signal boxes located at the North, South of the Station and West Yard.
By 1980, a new Power Signal Box was built in the old Cattle Sidings, and the signals were replaced with new Electric signalling.

The track layout was also changed to, so trains could run faster through the station.

The Overhead Wires didn't finally appear until the late 1980s.

These pictures are also looking North, taken looking at Platform 3 & 4.

As you can see, in 1980, new Cable Ducts and Signal Cabnets are being installed, and in the 2016 photograph, track to Platforms 1 and 2 has just been replaced.

















































































These taken looking south from Platform 3, at Platform 4.

The picture from May 1991 was taken a couple of years after Electrification. In the 25 years between the two photos, not too much has really changed.
The only major change is with the replacement of the older DMU units with newer EMUs
























Looking North from Platform 1. There is 36 years spanning these two photos.

Once again, not too much has changed, in 1980, electrification was about 10 years away, and a track and signalling upgrade was just about complete.
The new Doncaster Power Signal Box can been seen- which in 1980 had yet to be still commissioned and tested.

1980 also was close to the end of the Deltic service (left), which were replaced by new HSTs in 1982, and by 1990 even the HSTs were becoming old hat, and had been replaced by Class 91 Electric Locomotives - which by 2016, were also becoming old hat too!