Baby Deltic Project

The last of the original Class 23 - "Baby Deltic" locomotives were scrapped in 1973.

The "Baby Deltic Project" was formed a few years before I was born- in 2001 with the idea to restore the only remaining Baby Deltic Engine back to working condition.

Based at Barrow Hill in Chesterfield, the project announced that they would use their test-bed Class 37 locomotive (37372) to create a replica Class 23 Baby Deltic locomotive.


I decided to try and raise some money to help towards the project by doing a sponsored trainspot.

So on 27/11/10 I had a trip to Crewe (via Derby), and then on 11/12/10 I visited Doncaster Station to collect numbers.

In all I donated just under £80.00 towards the project- not a huge amount, but it went towards the new bogies!

If you wish to donate to the Baby Deltic Project, you can contact them via their website - just look on my links page.