About Me:

I am Ryan, 13 years old and live in South Yorkshire. I have been a train enthusiast since a very young age, where I took my first photos when I was just 3 years old.

I began visiting Barrow Hill Round House and Midland Railway Centre back in 2007, while at the same time making regular trips to Doncaster, Sheffield, Crewe, Derby, York, Manchester during school holidays and at weekends.

During 2011, I raised money to donate to the 'Baby Deltic Group' to help with their building of a locomotive.

2012 was perhaps a very busy year- aside from the usual trainspotting trips.
During February that year, I was invitied to visit the Bombardier Works at Derby, where I met their Managing Director and was shown around the works, and even had a ride on a brand new Tube Train on their test track.

In March, I was invited to have a Cab ride in a Transpennine Class 185, between Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly. That was my first cab ride- and in the snow too!

During August, I was next invited to have a day out as a "2nd Man" with East Midlands Trains, where I had a cab ride between Sheffield-Leicester in a Class 222, then Leciester-Notthingam in the cab of a Class 43 HST, and then a return trip to Sheffield in the cab of a Class 158.

Towards the end of 2013, I saved my money and upgraded to a newer camera, more suited to my railway photography, and began the enormous task of retaking photos I took with my first camera.

During 2014, I drove my first steam loco at Middleton Railway in Leeds, and then my second a few weeks later at Ecclesbourne Railway, in Wirksworth.

So far, 2015 was a busy year with the 'Rare Diesels' event at Barrow Hill; also at Barrow Hill, I drove my first proper diesel.... a Class 08!

Between trainspotting, my spare time is taken up working on my model railway or building tracks for my brother, Thomas.