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Latest Update:


I have around 2500 photos and negatives in my collection- spanning all classes of Diesel and Steam Locomotives.
Our work scanning them in is on going, and over the next few weeks, we will be uploading some examples.






The great model Railway project is still underway, despite about four different designs and layouts. So far the tack bed is all laid, and it's ready to be painted. Find out more....





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A new year Update!!

It's been quite a major update with about 3 months worth of Photos to sort through and upload - which include new sections for the new Class 800 and also Class 59 (not so new).
Most of the action has been around Derby with various Steam Charter trains - and a few deisel locos thrown in too.

I had my final trip (for now) to Barrow Hill in December; as it is now closed for building work - and should reopen sometime in the early summer.


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